We Are Not Just Building Schools; We Are Building Futures.

This referendum is bigger than a building.  It’s about the personalized educational needs of our students, ensuring the future economic vitality of the region and meeting the workforce needs of our community. Currently we are not able to adequately do these things at Tech or Apollo.

We are building the future of all of our children

A new Tech and updated Apollo will:

Provide spaces where our children/grandchildren can foster curiosity and a love of lifelong learning by engaging them in active, hands-on projects.

Create flexible learning spaces that deliberately position classes to allow more interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Ensure all children have the opportunity to become problem solvers and collaborative thinkers.

We are building the future of our community and its economic vitality

A new Tech and updated Apollo will:

Provide the high quality schools and educational infrastructure that attracts and retain residents.

Increase property values and contribute to a vibrant local economy. 

Build community pride.

Produce successful, engaged graduates who contribute to the workforce and our community. 

Be an investment in your future, whether you have children/grandchildren in the district or not.

We are building the future workforce

A new Tech and updated Apollo will:

Help develop a workforce that will make our children/grandchildren competitive in our global economy.

Create spaces for active, project-based learning so our children/grandchildren acquire skills required by our businesses and colleges for years to come.

Vote YES To Both Ballot Questions On November 8th.


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