Tax Impact And Financial Information

How much in additional taxes will this cost homeowners?

If both questions pass, the monthly increase in taxes for a $150,000 home will be $12.99. This is a annual investment of $155.84.*
*This is a 27% less than the 2015 referendum.

Use this calculator to calculate the taxes for your home.

Tax comparisons with surrounding school districts.

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How will the bond referendum be repaid?

The bond referendum will be in effect for 20 years.

How does District 742 manage taxpayer money?

ISD 742 has a history of strong financial management and fiscal stewards, which has been independently verified. 

  • Strong Credit Rating (Aa3 from Moody’s Investor Services)
  • Recipient of 10 State Financial Reporting Awards
  • Unqualified "Clean" Financial Audit according to the district's independent financial auditors
  • Strong Financial Reserves in alignment with district policy and governmental accounting standards
  • Low debt usage relative to allowable debt under state statute

How much will it cost if the bond referendum does not pass on November 8th?

W Gohman Construction independently affirmed that  $149 million is within an expected cost range to remodel Tech. RA Morton Construction Managers also agreed that remodeling Tech High School is not a responsible fiscal decision.



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